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Frequently Asked Questions

How high you can rank and how quickly you can get there depends on your local market (the number of competing businesses in your local area and the strength of their SEO efforts). This will vary significantly between different industries and cities/regions.

Our goal is to improve your online visibility, drive search traffic to your site, and generate leads for your business. Like most quality things in life, SEO doesn’t work overnight and you shouldn’t expect it to. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. In some cases, you can start to see growth in just 1 month. In others, it may take up to 6 months. 

The easiest way to rank in multiple locations is to have physical offices in those locations, which you can create separate listings for. However, we often work with local businesses that have a service area spanning multiple cities but do not intend to open offices in those cities. We can use custom content to target these locations and help you rank in the organic results section below the map pack. 

SEO is an on-going process that requires continued effort if you want to keep outranking your competitors. If you stop your local SEO efforts, your site is likely to continue ranking for a little while, but it will start to decline. There are a lot of other businesses working to outrank you, so when you stop, you give them the chance to pass you. It’s also important to note that it will take months to regain the ground you lost if you stop for long enough to see your rankings decrease.